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If You Have A Flight to Make, You Need a Service That Ensures Timely Arrivals. Ask The following Questions Before Hiring An Airport Transportation Service.

Are you looking for a transportation service to get you to and from the airport? The service you hire will be some of your VIP’s first impressions of your business.

If you’re hiring them to transport yourself, then you want to make sure they guarantee a timely arrival every time. Fortunately, there are several questions that you can ask each service and make sure you’re hiring the right one for the job.

Be sure to list a few different services, ask them the same questions, and then filter out the ones you don’t like. Find your new airport transportation service with these helpful questions below.

1. Where Are You Located?

Here’s an industry secret: you don’t want to hire an airport transportation service because of their proximity to the airport. That shouldn’t be the determining factor, at least.

Why? Because they still have to travel to your desired destination to pick you up. If your corporate office is 40 miles away from the airport, that’s how far they have to go to pick you up, then drive back. It isn’t efficient.

You want to find a transportation service that’s located somewhere in the middle of point A and point B. This will help with keeping their mileage down (which they may charge you for) and ensure timely arrival and departure towards the airport.

2. What Separates Your Service From The Others?

There’s nothing wrong with making an airport transportation service go on a bit of a sales pitch. You want to make sure they don’t just shrug off the question.

Ideally, you want to hear them say words like “excellent customer service“, “low rates”, “guarantee”, and so on. However, any service can say those words, but how can they back up the big talk? Only through real-world examples.

Ask them to give you an example or two of a time where they accommodated one of their clients. Have there been any close calls with not getting a client there on time? If so, what did they do to make sure they got there as quickly as possible?

As long as the service is willing to talk you through what separates them from the other guys, you can tell that they aspire to be different!

3. What Are Your Hours?

Imagine getting a call from one of your biggest clients in Long Island, NY at 2 AM. They need you to get there as soon as possible to help them with a project. There’s only one problem… you don’t live nearby.

Now you need to put together travel plans very quickly. You need to book a flight and arrange for your airport transportation service to pick you up. Can you confidently say that they’ll pick up at 2 or 3 AM? They should!

A high-quality airport transportation service is only ever a phone call away. Whether you’re reserving a pickup two weeks in advance or two hours in advance, they need to be able to adjust.

4. Can You Track My Flight?

To ensure a seamless airport pickup process for your workers and clients, you need to know the transportation service will be picking your VIP up right away.

Part of that includes tracking their flights to ensure they’re waiting to pick them up as soon as they step down the escalator. Not getting there right away is a huge inconvenience for both you and the person they’re picking up.

Most trusted services will be able to track your flight and, as long as you’re comfortable with it, stay in contact with you every step of the way.

5. What Are Your Costs?

Ah, yes! The question that everyone wants an answer to, but no one wants to be straightforward in asking. If you try and beat around the bush, then you’ll get an answer that beats around the bush as well.

Be straightforward and ask them what their costs are for each service. Outline what your typical pickup accommodations are and what they would charge for doing so.

If the service is honest and upfront about their costs, you can ensure that they’re a service you can trust. Make sure to ask about the final price which might include additional fees and mileage.

As long as the price is within your budget and they were honest about it, you should keep them on your list. If you have a funny feeling about their prices, then move on to the next service on your list

Find The Right Airport Transportation Service For Your Needs!

Now that you’ve seen all the right questions to ask an airport transportation service, it’s time for you to find the right fit!

Be sure to read this article on how to prepare for your early morning flight on your way to a big business trip.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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